Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another year, another absence.

So, Sorry about not posting for almost a year. Its been hectic. From graduation onto today, Let me fill you in. After graduation, I went home, got a job working part time at a security job. That fell through rather quickly, and got a job working at the local theme park. After working there for an extended period of time, I finally got a full time job working at the New Amazon Fulfillment center in our area. Its been a bitch of a six months since I started there, but its a good job. Other than work, I've been with Krys now for more than a year, we've moved into our own place... right around the same time I started at Amazon. Since then, Happily in our own place, we've flourished, stumbled and who knows what since, but its all a learning process. Last month, I had the honor of adopting an absolutely beautiful calico cat named Joy, who apparently looks like my family's long passed cat Rajah. Who, in turn, according to my mother, looks like Rajah got into something (AKA a dirty face. Look at the pictures and you tell me, cause shes absolutely right!!)

(This is Rajah)
Rajah (2000 ish?)
So you can see, this is rajah, after she was I want to say, 8 years old. Joy, below, is only about the age of two.  She's an absolute wonderful addition to my home. She craves attention when I'm around, has a funny way of telling me I'm late for bed. And just cannot resist making sure when my alarm goes off in the morning making sure I'm getting out of bed. She's amazing. I love her to death. Speaking of which, she just forced herself onto my lap while typing this. She is so not happy I am still not in bed.


She is just so silly. But I love her. She is great! Always a laugh with her random tossing of her toys in the air.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bachelors Degree? Say what?

So, Its April. The weather? Like PMS. Up in the 90's one day, 32 degrees the next. Make up your MIND. Rain? Not very much. April showers bring may flowers right? Nope, my tomato plants need to be replanted before they die. 'Spose i better do that soon.

May.... Damn. Less than two weeks away. In four weeks, as of Friday, I will be a graduate. Bachelor's Degree. Arts. History. Am I ready? No. Will I be? Probably not.

Tomorrow... Ah, yes. Tomorrow brings so much more. Job interview at 230. Pamunkey Regional Jail. I pray to god I get the Job. It would be nice to have. Something solid straight out of school. Benefits. everything. I want it more than I need it.

Girlfriend.. Yeah. I'm at home, and just two days away, i don't want to be here. I'd rather be at Baldwin, with her. Even if its only for one more month. We've been talking about moving in together once we both get on our feet. Maybe by august is the hope, or September at the latest. But sooner rather than later. We've looked at some apartments in the Ashland/Hanover area, that is the hopeful area. Cheap, good housing. Decent rates. I'm going to keep up the search for a while, so that the sooner we find a place, the better. We also have to start looking for furniture and stuff. It will be a long, costly, and timely thing. Patience.

Well. I suppose this is all I wanna blog tonight. But figured an update would be good.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"I think about you in the Summer Time"

So, I know its been a few months, and its been quiet, and I don't particularly remember my last post...  But, after recent research (yes I went and read it) it makes me smile.

So to fill you all in, even though I'm sure no one reads this blog.

A month ago, I met an amazing woman, who now sits in a library chair to my right, reading a book while I talk about her here. Shes about 5 feet tall, long brownish blond hair, and the most tantalizing blue/green eyes. I can't get enough of her. Tomorrow night is the one month anniversary of our relationship. Who knows if its going to last, tomorrow is another day. To be honest? I'm scared. Shes the most amazing thing that has happened to me. In the past month, she has stayed with me in my room each night, except for spring break, of course, and I can't get enough of it. The L word.... yea its slipped once or twice lately. Shelby has 'pegged us' saying we are in love... I can't say I don't, but I don't know if I do. That is a rickety bridge I am unprepared to cross, but I will if I find it. Maybe I have. I have no idea. Its mighty quick to say it otherwise.
I wake up in the morning, and the first thing on my mind is her name, her eyes. Instantly I wake up and think what a wonderful day it is just to have this beautiful woman in my arms. It feels almost wrong to not wake up with her in my arms now, spring break alone was hard. I wanted her there. She deals with my bad habits, messiness, and general 'don't give a shit' attitude. She deals with my PDA(public display of affection) insecurities, and most of all, my pitiful taste in country music of late. What else can I tell you about her? She's smart, funny, loves my quirky state of mind, and most of all, shes beautiful.
God, The night we got together. That alone deserves its own post, its too much and so much feeling to post with all the rest of these crazy feelings. Hell, every night we spend together deserves its own post. Each night is completely different. I don't know what to say anymore about her. Shes perfect in her own right. 

Two nights ago, she told me she thought she was falling in love with me. I don't know what to say to it. I don't know how to respond... I think I am, I don't know. It scares me, falling in love again, but I know I can't hide from it forever. Her company, her presence, its changing my world and how its revolving. Finding her was an accident in its own right, and falling for her, well... Life's too short not to take risks right?
Each night falling asleep in her arms, every morning looking for her touch because I lost it in the night. It seems almost foreign not to have it around me. I almost can't sleep without it. I wake up and my first thought is "I hope she didn't leave in the middle of the night... I hope its all not been a bad dream". My biggest fear is this is all an amazing dream that I am going to wake up and its all not happening. That it was all my imagination. I hope its not, pray, its not a dream.

I've done more risks and had more adventures with her than I have with anyone else. I can definitely say this girl has changed my life. Hell, its made my name linger on the mouths of VWIL and the rest of the campus. If I hadn't of met her, I would be quietly sitting here, probably asleep, homework done, and ready for tomorrow. Tired and lonely. Now? I can happily say I am content to stay up till two am every night, so long as she is in my arms and shes here with me. I hope this never ends.

Night y'all. 
        A happy person :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Year, New Me?


    I know its been a few months, and I haven't written much except updates. So yeah, to bring y'all up to speed. New year's was pretty boring, new years day, I visited Casey, and sprained my ankle the following day. That is still causing me pain close to two months later. But, I had fun, and at least it wasn't a bee sting this time. That was just too funny.
    Now I'm sitting here in my room, in McClung. After resigning from VWIL and being kicked out of Kable, the past three weeks in my life, have been amazing. Yes, I miss my class mates, and I miss the busyness that VWIL offered me. But honestly, I'm happy, I'm not stressed, and I'm feeling okay. I've got an amazing few friends now, who actually care and come see me and hang out with me. Its great. Krys and Me decided to go out today and I took her out to McDowell, which i knew she would enjoy. We hiked the Confederate Breastworks trail, which was so short, but it was awesome. Went out to the water hole that Hank showed my family when I graduated high school, and spent some time. We both relaxed, and we both enjoyed our day. I felt like I was home. It was the best feeling ever.
    Yesterday and Today, I had my first hesitation and sting of regret as to my resignation from VWIL. Yesterday, I attended the nULL's honor ceremony, which they did a great job. Succeeded by their evening and the rituals of breakout last night. This morning at 0800, I looked on from my window in McClung, at the stairs ceremony, and bit back the sting of tears. It would have been my last, standing there, welcoming the newest cadets of the class of 2015. But no, I wasn't. I observed via my window. The pang of the feeling I made a mistake hurt, but as today went on, I realized I had moreover, still made the right choice for me. My stress, my life, my comfort, my happiness. Happy I am, honestly. It makes me certain, that i did make the right choice in the end. I still support my classmates in their decision, and I'm only human. I hope that they support me in my choices as well, but who knows if that's going to happen.

Well, I think I have typed to my hearts content.

Night :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

F*ck this Shit


This is some bullshit.

Since we last talked, I had broken up with the asshole of an ex. Well, long story short, Xmas came, friends, and all. Sprained my ankle the first of the new year, came back to school, met my newest interest, and got shit blamed on me. Now a week ago, I resigned from VWIL for my own sanity and health. Reason? Slipping into depression, becoming careless, unforgiving and disrespecting myself. So, I removed myself from one of the main stressors in my life. I'm feeling better. I made the right decision for myself and that's what matters.

Now, I have to move out of kable... that is the biggest bullshit.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Broken Hearted Memories

So... to get to the point. I'm single yet again. No more boyfriend. Long story short, he became the obsessive controlling jealous type.


Otherwise, success! My thesis is complete! I'm home for the holiday, and I am enjoying my time. :)

Hit me up.

Monday, October 17, 2011